Performance Engineering

Scalar USA offers an effective and efficient solution for load testing your software application. Our services will allow you to deploy your application with confidence that it will support current and future levels of load. Our success can be attributed to a flexible service offering tailored to meet the specific performance goals and objectives of our customers.

Performance testing helps you ensure up time of your mission-critical systems by identifying bottlenecks in your applications and IT infrastructure under load and stress conditions before you turn away users and revenue.

Avoid risking your credibility and wasting time, money and resources deploying applications that won’t scale. At Scalar USA, we believe that conducting performance tests early and often in the development life cycle helps identify performance related bottle necks early on and thus providing enough time to get the issues resolved. Scalar USA team of performance testing and tuning experts will help your organization to maximize performance Improvements based on your business objectives.

Our Performance testing services will assist you achieve the following: