Manual Testing Services

Scalar USA ‘s testing services can serve as powerful partners in the road to quality assurance. You want to ensure that the time and money you spent on design and production will see a return. Our testing services can evaluate your software to check for bugs and ensure that the end product meets the user requirements.

Studies have shown that 50% of bugs are created at the design stage of software. If proper testing is implemented from the beginning bugs can be corrected immediately and the changes incorporated into the design. On the flipside if you wait to test until after the product is finished you may uncover bugs that force you to go back and redesign software.

Our software testing services will evaluate software/application to first look for bugs and second to check quality. We partner with you to ensure the complete success of the project.

We at Scalar USA believe that creating a product that has gone through proper software testing is crucial to guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Whatever your testing needs, Scalar USA can: