Evaluation Services

The ultimate goal of any QA group of any organization is to gain efficiency, add value and deliver a quality product. One way to achieve that is to implement Test Automation and Automation testing success largely depends on the selection and implementation of the right testing tool. This is a must one time exercise that will benefit your project in long run.

Most of the clients shy away from automation because of the Budget, resources and the required time to implement but through our evaluation services we assist clients to make that decision based on the facts like Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

Over the decade Scalar USA has assisted Clients in making the right decision in selecting best suited tools, processes and frameworks for vendor tools like HP, MicorFocus and SmartBear as well as open source tools like Selenium, Robotium, Appium etc.

In addition, Scalar USA also participates in Proof of Concepts (POC) to eliminate the confusion and frustration when embarking in a new area of testing or strategy.

The process is very simple and take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. Our Automation Engineers will perform an onsite evaluation of the application under test, resources and their technical abilities, test environment setup, test data setup and will deliver the end product. Also our team will make recommendations that will increase productivity and decrease test cycle times.