Quality Assurance Services

Scalar USA has a decade long successful history in providing quality, experienced and affordable complete set of Quality Assurance Services. We provide our clients with a sense of tranquility to assure them that they’re in good hands and have been successful in being a part of many prestigious projects. Our QA process start from the inception stage itself rather than waiting till the end of the development life cycle since many of the defects occur during design and development. As your reliable Quality Assurance partner, Scalar USA helps you with a wide range of services at all stages of Software/Product Development Life Cycle. Scalar USA offers a comprehensive range of on-site and off-site QA services. Our complete range of services includes:

Quality Assurance
Qual​ity Control
Assessment Services
POC Services
POC Services

For infrequent users to whom testing requirement is essential, we lease out expensive testing tools. Provide affordable solutions without compromising​ on quality or results.

ERP Testing